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Tzeirim be Yeruham (Young in Yeruham) operate toward establishment of young and mixed community that initiates and leads the changes.

In the course of 2005, young people in Yeruham, religious, traditional and secular residents, bachelors and family men, old and new immigrants – joint forces around the common desire to act for the benefit of Yeruham.

After observing a number of missions waiting at Yeruham's doorway, we've took upon ourselves several central channels of action:

Young social network – creation of social network connecting between young people from the different groups in the town on the basis of common spheres of interest and the intention to encourage young people to act for themselves and various issues of the community.

Encouragement of settling in Yeruham – empowerment of the local population and leading it toward settling alongside encouragement of new settlers by creation of information systems, community escort and promotion of settling inspiring projects.

Student core groupsFostering of young reserves for Yeruham by creating student core groups based on young people across Israel and local youngsters learning in higher education institutions in the region. The students operate as individuals and groups in the areas of education, welfare and community.

Social initiatives Opening doors for young people with social initiatives by development of organizational, physical and informational infrastructure enabling to consolidate social making in the areas of children, teenagers, immigrants and special populations.

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